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                                       Roger Carlson
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Thank you for visiting the Howling Hollow Taxidermy Homepage. My name is Roger Carlson and I am the owner and operator of Howling Hollow Taxidermy, a full service, Licensed (D.N.R. and U.S.F.W.S ),taxidermy studio located in La Crosse, Wisconsin. My goal is to provide top quality work at competitive pricing. I freely disclose all my prices for basic mounts but will provide quotes for additional bases or scenes you would like to have added to your mount.  I work with customers on an individual basis to help them afford the mount they want and deserve. My top priority is to have every customer walk away satisfied.

I am by no means the cheapest around, but our quality and turn around time speak for itself. I am self taught for the most part , but I have studied under some of the top Taxidermists in the nation. You need to compare Quality not Price.Most finished work is returned within 3-6 months.  Your deposit is not my play money.  I also guarantee my work for as long as I live. I do not display any of my competition mounts for it is a false representation of what the customer will get . All of the work you see is actual customer mounts.  Please visit our guest book to see what some of our customers are saying.

Here at Howling Hollow Taxidermy all of our tanning is done in-house saving our customers time and money. We use only the finest Pickling and Tanning solutions made by TRU-BOND. WE DO NOT DRY PRESERVE OR BRUSH ON TAN ANYTHING. 

Not only do I service the greater La Crosse area but I provide taxidermy services to nationwide clientele and wholesale work for other taxidermist nationwide. People often feel they are limited to their local taxidermists, but shipping specimens can be very easy. Please contact us to learn more about the shipping process.  

Not an avid hunter or fisherman but have always wanted a certain mount done?  I am a license fur buyer and can obtain almost any hide you want.  Prices of hides vary depending on the animal, size, and time of year purchased.  The hides can be mounted to your specifications. I can also do fish reproductions for almost any fish out there.

I am also proud to announce I am the official taxidermist for Coulee Region Coyote Hunters and Wounded Warriors United. I also do work for the United Special Sportsman Alliance. 

As always I look forward to meeting and servicing new clients locally and nationwide. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Roger Carlson



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